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Halloween 2014 by Sixala
Halloween 2014

This might seem like a bandwagon thing, maybe not, BUT I had A LOT of fun with this, haha.

The characters are Ralf, Fiona, Sarah and Kernel.
Kernels owner :iconvedtheflamedevil: will finish this sketch, it's gonna be good~
Ralf ic © :icongnukko:
I really like how this turned out, even if it's just sketches <3

 creepy night version
It's Tuesdays evening and I'm ready to pass out, it's barely 9pm. I promised JD to play some Borderlands 2 tomorrow, hope I can keep that promise.... still haven't done a buffer, gotta start with Sundays page soon. also need MOAR FURRIES
And with that the weekend is over and a busy week of work is ahead! I hope I won't be as tired this week and can actually do something aside from sleeping in my freetime! Have a nice start in the week folks!
goodnight babe by Sixala
goodnight babe
Here's a picture with Kernel, Fionas boyfriend.
they've been dating for a while now, but I never got anything done with them aside from sketches, was about time I draw something adorable with them <3

Kernel and Fiona live together, while Fiona has her typical sleeping scedule, Kernel can stay up later due to changing shifts.

I like how this turned out, it's adorable x3

Kernel is (c) :iconvedtheflamedevil:
Casual Fi by Sixala
Casual Fi
Just some casual Fiona.

I'm not drawing her enough.

I just wanted to draw a quick Fiona, but this took way longer than I wanted. Hands on hips are a thing I'll never figure out haha.
wow, dA just celebrated it's 14th anniversary yesterday! and I have been on dA for 8 years, so I have been here for more than half of it's lifetime! feels good haha.

Thinking back to when I joined dA and what happened during all this time is kinda weird, cause it's been SO LONG already. time really flies by fast. I don't think I will manage to tell a story really, more of a list of things I remember, well, let me try anyway!

I remember that 8 years ago I only created an account for the watch function, I did draw myself but I was to "shy" to show anyone. And back then my english wasn't good enough to comment on people's art so I was more of a quiet admirer.

I finally started using dA as Art thing and here is my very first submission which, back when I cleaned my gallery, decided to leave for reasons!
Hello everybody by Sixala

LA 05 are my initials + 05 for 2005 GO ME! jesus that was so long ago haha, dem purple socks. DAT POSE WHAT EVEN XD

When I started using dA after that watcher phase I was a Sonic person, I was still new to the internet and only really used a Sonic Forum Fanboard, big grouppic by Sixala

had some friends there who drew and we all had a dA account. I was a pixel artist, editing sonic sprites and stuff like that. I wasn't really active on dA during that time. (haha LA2006)

I had a few pics I really liked and uploaded, but looking back I dunno haha. I didn't really know what to draw.
I tried to have some OC's (which were all just normal people though) and do comics with them, but I really failed at that xD
I don't really remember a lot from the early times, just that I uplaoded quite a bit after a while but no one really seemed to care aside from some fans, no one knew me yet haha.

I tried to do this 100. challange LIKE EVERYONE BACK THEN, I don't think I ever finished it though, this is no. 17 Blood. Poor Tamara, which was an OC of mine back from 2006, from the Moonia kids. she was a PINIK?! haired super shy girl. her brother was Max(imilian).017 Blood by Sixala

A year later I started to draw like CRAZY and I uploaded EVERYTHING, every little pencil sketch I did at school was updated on dA haha.
Dance -scrap- by Sixala

Then I had a phase of Organization XII and I joined a group here on dA, did A LOT of Art for it, even did my very first longer animation, which I still adore, it had all these people in it. I had a dA friendcircle and was happy here. Sixal - the chess queen by Sixala

During time I lost most of the contacts here on dA though, which makes me kinda sad though >:

It wasn't really untill I started reading BCB actively and interacting with the BCB community when people started to notice my art, mainly for fanart. I have read the comic since 2006, but only really joined in around 2010 I think.  during 2009 my art really improved. I guess you could call it digital, but I just scanned my traditional outlines, saved them as monochrom .bmp then colored them IN PAINT. I have a lot pictures in 2009 + 2010 that look pretty ok DONE IN PAINT. I was so proud haha, here is one of those summary of art things. Summary of Art 09 meme by Sixala

I started drawing digital around the end of 2011 I think, I got a tablet for myself on christmas and changing to digital changed my art a lot. of cours eI am still doing traditional every now and then, and from 2010 to 2012 I had my school scribbles!!! which were like the name suggests, scribbles I did with my classmate Alina during class :D they lacked quality most of the time, but they were still interesting enough for some people to care. bye school by Sixala

Around 2011 I started my Nuzlocke. Lisas Firered Nuzlocke rules by Sixala

I don't think I had active people paying attention and commenting before that, but with the Nuzlocke I joined another great community and I hope it can just grow and stay AWSM. The Nuzlocke is my VERY FIRST PROJECT that I actually kept up for so long and I plan on finishing this baby of mine!

ON AN INTERESTING NOTE! DURING ALL THOSE YEARS I USED THE SAME COMPUTER! this also shows me I really need to upgrade this baby haha, 7 year old PC <3

tl;dr  I probably wouldn't be on the internet as much if it wouldn't have been for dA, and my english would still be a normal german school level, due to dA I really got online and interacted with people by drawing with them and things like that. it improved my art and my english and I hope my personality as well haha.


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